Youtube #WithMe

Working with Entropico and Youtube Ad Marketing (YTAM) I cut this mini doc on a bad ass New Yorker, Gloria. She’s an amazing woman adapting to life in 2020 (with the help of Youtube), and life in her SEVENTH DECADE. Client: Youtube Agency: Production Company: Entropico Editor: Josh Mawer Watch it here  

Train DNA

Working with Ogilvie PR I cut this package for Microsoft: a real world application of their machine learning and hololons capabilities. Client: Microsoft Agency: OPR Production Company: OPR Studio Director: Alex Hodgkinson Editor: Josh Mawer Watch it here

Samson & UNLTD

SAMSONS STORY: This job was for the charity UnLtd: a mini-doc on Justice Crew dancer Samson Cosray-Smith and his involvement with the youth organisation Musicians Making A Difference. I directed and cut this project with In The Thicket.  

Promo Reel || Mighty Nice

Hired to cut this promo reel for animation house Mighty Nice. Worked with these super talented folks on selecting what from their treasure trove of content to include – the hard part was what to leave out as it is all so good. They gave me a lot of creative latitude to retime and tweak clips to play along with the …


Issy is finishing her marketing degree, has a tight-knit group of friends & flatmates, loves sailing and makes a killer cheesecake. This is one of a slate of packages commissioned by the College of Business & Education at the Australian National University, to present real students with interesting stories.