Stoneleigh ‘No. 50’ TVC

New Zealand winery Stoneleigh created an event space in the heart of old Sydney, a turn of the century house where ‘nature ran riot’ and the public enjoyed food, events, art, culture and (naturally) Stoneleigh wines. I worked with production company The Feds to cut brand videos, cinemagraphs and short content for web and instagram.  They write with poetry about …

Red Cross

A  spot  for the American Red Cross, coming just after hurricane ‘Sandy’ hit New York and New Jersey in late 2012. I teamed up with producer Paul Irwin (the nuts-and-bolts production guru at Donneybrook Productions) and Philly DP Steve Perrong.

Volkwagen ‘Volksfest’ TVC

Client: Volkswagen Agency: DDB Production Company: Collider Director: Andrew Van der Westhuyzen Editor: Josh Mawer Working with Collider and Fin Design, we turned these spots around quickly for Volkswagen. My part was straightforward; edit. Fin Design had a heap more work compositing on the backdrops.    


Director: Heath George. Producer : Jamie Cohen Editor: Josh Mawer Company:Clockwork Films  


A client who wanted to slag their opponent; I created this pinball-themed spot in a (solid) week using After Effects. Am I proud? Yep. Do I want to improve something in every shot? You bet. Triumphs: adding the small amounts of 3D (and this in the days before Trapcode’s Form), and faking the lens blur to lessen the render time. Challenges: …