Here’s a sample of some of the motion graphics, VFX and compositing I’ve done. Most offline jobs get a little love in this realm, especially when I’m doing offline right through online to delivery. I use After Effects, and a tiny bit of blender.

First up, the mgfx section from my sizzle reel for a quick one stop overview:

And some individual projects:

Client: Grays Online
Prodco: Entropico
Director: Chester Buchanan
Role: VFX / Compositor

For this commercial I created the space travel vfx and compositing with Chester and Entropico.

Short: Jump!
Role: VFX / Compositor

For this time-travel short I created the magic of the rift that our characters create and jump through. And the UI one character uses to see the chances of his protégé’s romantic success in this timeline.

Short: Echo Pines
Role: Compositor

Our crime drama takes a fantastical twist when Detective Barnes finds the missing girl, but she seems to be taken by …something and disappears.
Kieran Kenny created the animation in C4D and I composited the scene, doing the roto, layering, aberrations, and blending in the online.

Client: NRCC
Prodco: Jamestown
Role: Direct/Animator

Made this animation in After Effects for a negative spot to throw mud during a political race. Created in 2.5D in just a week.

Client: AMP
Agency: Imagine
Role: Animation

Made this animation in AE for a superannuation ad.